​8 Golden Threads Healing Arts


Creative Changes Hypnosis

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."

​                                      -Anais Nin 

​​Flowing Golden Threads is how I visualize the energy flowing from the universe, through me and into you during a Reiki session. 8 is the number of attaining the spiritual frequency of unconditional Love.

 You are an eternal light being here in this physical world for a reason. I am dedicated to help you find the divine purpose of your life. Through hypnosis, guided meditation & Reiki, the abundance of the universe will guide you toward the light, as you remember your own divine light within. 

Following my first year as a healing arts practitioner, a new and devastating challenge came into my life. My 28 year old son was diagnosed with cancer. After a six month battle, his body was consumed by the cancer and he also left us. Recognizing this as a profound lesson from the universe, I continued moving forward in my healing practice. I have come to understand that everything is as it should be, everything contains a lesson, and love and moving forward with happiness is what life is really about. Let me show you how.

Why 8 Golden Threads?

Lorraine Nacamulli, Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotist & Spiritualist

     Since childhood, I have had premonitions, feelings & knowledge of things I had no way of knowing. I found sweet solace in nature and the unconditional love from our pets & other animals. My first healing was of our dog as a child of eight. The ligaments in his hind legs were torn & without the funds for surgery, his future looked bleak. I spent countless hours on the floor holding his legs & pouring my love into his body. He began to walk again, becoming stronger and sturdier. Our veterinarian was amazed to see that he no longer needed surgery because his legs were completely healed without the surgery! At the time, I didn't understand what had happened. It took me a lifetime to find out.

     After experiencing the personal trauma of loosing my 20 year old son in 2008, I became curious about the premonitions leading up to his death. I began to take classes in channeling, meditation and other metaphysical sciences. As I became more connected to what I call the "Divine Spirit", I felt guided toward helping others to heal and transform their own lives. The healing art of Reiki came into my life, as did hypnotherapy. I am a Reiki Master through Circle of Stones by Mary Brady, and I am a certified hypnotherapist through the National Guild of Hypnotists with emphasis on transformational healing.